Irene & Giuseppe

Wedding at Ragusa, Sicily, ITALY

Historic Ragusa in Sicily is a charming hillside town with picturesque architecture and scenic beauty.
Wedding stationery featuring olive branches and green leaves, reflecting the beauty of Sicily, Italy.
Two wedding rings with olive leaves on a table in Sicily, Italy. A symbol of love and commitment.
Sicilian wedding bouquet displayed on rustic wooden table.
A detailed wedding bouquet showcasing a beautiful arrangement of pink and white flowers.
A bride in a white robe standing in front of the window, getting ready in Sicily.
Olive branch on a dresser, symbolizing peace and harmony. A reminder of the olives in Sicily, Italy.
Panoramic countryside view from hilltop in Sicily, Italy - a picturesque landscape.
Sicilian bride helping another woman with dress.
A stunning bride in Sicily holding a bouquet of pink and white flowers, radiating elegance and joy.
Skilled Italy wedding photographer capturing special moments at a wedding in Ragusa, Sicily.
Cloudy sky over historic city of Ragusa in Sicily.
A beautiful white and green floral arrangement on slim stand, designed for a wedding ceremony in Ragusa, Sicily.
A bride and her father walking down the aisle in a church during their wedding ceremony in Ragusa, Sicily.
A black and white photo of a wedding ceremony at Ragusa in Sicily, showing people sitting in the pews of a church.
A newlywed couple stands on the steps of a church in Ragusa, Sicily, after their wedding ceremony.
Professional Italian wedding photographer documenting a wedding in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.
Italian wedding photographer capturing a romantic moment of a hugging bride and groom in Ragusa, Sicily.
Italian wedding photographer capturing a joyful moment of a smiling bride and groom in Ragusa, Sicily.
Sicilian landscape.
Romantic moment of bride and groom kissing in Sicily's olive field, captured by Italian wedding photographer.
A stunning bride holding a bouquet, standing in the Sicilian desert, radiating beauty and elegance.
Detailed view of a vibrant green olive tree.
Italian wedding photographer capturing a beautiful wedding at Ragusa in Sicily, Italy.
Villa Fegotto in Sicily: A stone building with a clock tower and a door.
Outdoor wedding reception with string lights at Villa Fegotto in Sicily - a beautifully lit long table.
ophisticated wedding table setting featuring delicate flowers, candles in Sicily.
A chef in a white hat preparing desert at a wedding reception in Sicily.
A black and white image of a wedding party outside Villa Fegotto in Sicily, capturing a joyous celebration of love.
A charming wedding reception at Villa Fegotto in Sicily, with a courtyard adorned with string lights.
edding guests raise glasses in celebration at a Sicilian reception.
Musicians performing with an accordion in a courtyard at a Sicilian wedding reception.
Bride and groom strolling on cobblestone road towards wedding reception in Sicily.
Newlyweds seated at a table during their wedding reception in Sicily.
An enchanting wedding dinner in a Sicilian courtyard at Villa Fegotto, illuminated by beautiful string lights.
A bride and groom embrace in front of a crowd during their first dance in Sicily.

Planning: Irene Fatuzzo | Venue: Villa Fegotto

I was lucky enough to come across Stepan’s work well before my wedding. I was so impressed by the fact that his photographs were literally a window open on the time, place and feelings of the moments when they were took. That is pure art. 

What I loved when looking at his pictures was that despite showing real weddings with real people all of them seemed to come out of some high level magazines or blogs! And everything looked so natural! It was really easy then to decide who we wanted as our wedding photographer. And it was indeed the best choice ever. 

Most of the time during the wedding day he was literally invisible, capturing the best moments and emotions of ourselves and our guests without us even noticing. Also for the pre-shooting session and the actual wedding shooting, everything was so natural that even if we had never done anything like that before, we were really comfortable and actually enjoyed it very much! Stepan has created for us a real collection of memories that we will jealously guard and proudly show to our family and friends and we could not be more grateful with him for this.

Irene & Giuseppe