Stepan Vrzala Fine Art Film Photographer based in Europe

Over the past decade, I feel privileged to document extraordinary love stories around the globe through elegant, authentic and timeless images. My passion is capturing moments of happiness that love can bring. I am a fine art destination wedding photographer based in Europe. I find inspiration from nature, yoga, and zen; bringing a lightness and elegance to my work. 

When shooting, I’m a firm believer in a non-intrusive “go with the flow” approach, yet I am always happy to offer slight guidance and ideas from my experiences. Natural lighting combined with a documentary approach, gives me the ability to deliver beautiful, honest and timeless images.

My work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Wedding Sparrow, Elle Spose, Magnolia Rouge, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, 100 Layer Cake, Over The Moon, Inspired By This, Pacific Weddings, Amber & Muse, Bridestory and many more.



Accolades from press, colleagues and clientele

"I couldn’t love it more."

“European weddings are like fairytales to me. There is something so incredibly romantic about each and every one that dances on our screens. They appear magical, almost unreal – so perfect it has to be make believe. But this Prague masterpiece by Exclusive Weddings in Prague is the real deal. It’s once upon a time come to life through the images from Stepan Vrzala, and I couldn’t love it more.”

Abby Capalbo - Style Me Pretty

Stepan Vrzala Fine Art Film Photographer based in Europe

"Stepan has a very unique eye that captures the beauty of the surroundings in some of the most unseen places in addition to the knockout shots."

People tell you your wedding day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Well we did find that to be true, however we received so much advice from those with experience  and thankfully Austin and I really make an effort to take in every single moment. We sat back and looked at our beautiful surroundings, the people we love and most importantly each other. It was no doubt the most magical day of our lives. Unparallel to anything else thus far. To say the very least we were blown away with the result of our wedding photos. It truly is the one take away you have to relive that special day and memories in photographs that we will cherish for a lifetime. A gift we can share with our kids and generations to come. As we age, look back and immediately hear that song playing and feel the energy in the moment. 

 Immediately I knew that Stepan was going to be the photographer for our special day and series of events in San Jose del Cabo. I had seen his work and the romantic tones combined with ease and simplicity was something that is hard to find in a lot of photography styles today. Some sort of nostalgia that immediately draws you in,  as he shoots with film, he is able to  capture moments that are raw and beautiful. It feels so much more wholesome and romantic. Each photo is capturing that split second and it may not be perfect but that is truly what makes it just that. Perfectly imperfect. Stepan has a very unique eye that captures the beauty of the surroundings in some of the most unseen places in addition to the knockout shots. The colors, the details, the upclose moments between me and my husband. The smiles, the tears, the laughs amongst ourselves and our people. It's just something so organic. Having your photo taken can feel quite intimate but he has such a serene way about him that makes you feel calm and things just flow. We are very grateful for the experience and pleased with the photos. Memories forever.  

Carly & Austin

"Stepan managed to capture every moment of our special day with a light, hopeful yet classical touch."

Our wedding was held in a romantic environment of relaxed elegance, where Stepan captured the colors in the flowers and greenery together with the Mediterranean in an absolutely perfect way. 

This is truly remarkable, given we choose Stepan primarily for his amazing abilities to capture the spirit and feeling of a wedding. Stepan was always discreet leaving you relaxed and unaware of the camera's presence but yet the moments he eternalized were both genuine and intimate. There is not one single photo taken where we do not sense the strong emotions in the scene, from the grand to the details, until today his images still evoke the very same emotions as from our wedding day every time we look at them. 

Our whole wedding  thanks to Stepan has been captured in a timeless yet modern manner, and we could not have been more grateful."

Sandra & Jakob

Stepan Vrzala Fine Art Film Photographer based in Europe
Stepan Vrzala Fine Art Film Photographer based in Europe

"Stepan is the best!

A true artist and a wonderful person."

Hi Stepan, it’s hard to express in words how unbelievable your photos were! You really were fantastic! 

Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer. Throughout the process, from discussing ideas with you in the months of preparation to choosing photos for our album afterwards you’ve been a pleasure to work with. While our wedding only lasted one day, we are so glad that we’ll have your photographs to remember it by for the rest of our lives. You are such an artist, and you truly captured the essence and feeling of the day. 

We’ve received so many compliments from our family and friends on the photographs, and we honestly can’t stop looking through the album you made us! Thanks again for being such a special part of our wedding. Pepa and I were thinking that it might be nice to have an extra session with you on our first anniversary. It wouldn’t have to be the exact day, but we thought it would be cool to have photos from you one year later. Let me know what you think. Thanks again! 

Isabel & Josef

"Our photos breathe,

they live every single moment Stepan captured."

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have Stepan as our wedding photographer. His talent and artistic perception are beyond understanding! Our photos breathe, they live every single moment Stepan captured. The story of our wedding in pictures has an amazing soul! A cherry on top is Stepan himself - a beautiful person inside and outside. We couldn’t have made a better choice!

Marta & Zoltan

Stepan Vrzala Fine Art Film Photographer based in Europe
Stepan Vrzala Fine Art Film Photographer based in Europe

"That is pure art"

I was lucky enough to come across Stepan’s work well before my wedding. I was so impressed by the fact that his photographs were literally a window open on the time, place and feelings of the moments when they were took. That is pure art. 

What I loved when looking at his pictures was that despite showing real weddings with real people all of them seemed to come out of some high level magazines or blogs! And everything looked so natural! It was really easy then to decide who we wanted as our wedding photographer. And it was indeed the best choice ever. 

Most of the time during the wedding day he was literally invisible, capturing the best moments and emotions of ourselves and our guests without us even noticing. Also for the pre-shooting session and the actual wedding shooting, everything was so natural that even if we had never done anything like that before, we were really comfortable and actually enjoyed it very much! Stepan has created for us a real collection of memories that we will jealously guard and proudly show to our family and friends and we could not be more grateful with him for this. 

Irene & Giuseppe

"It’s timeless, beautiful

and it never fails to take my breath away."

“Stepan is one of those rare photographers who has developed a talent and skill that’s almost otherworldly. He opens eyes to raw and real glimpses of beauty in an almost effortless way. His fine art wedding photography is editorial and ethereal. It’s timeless, beautiful and it never fails to take my breath away. I not only recommend Stepan to all of my luxury wedding clients, but he is the photographer for my brand. Stepan Vrzala is a name that should be on the lips of every single person in the wedding industry. He’s that good and his work is that remarkable.”

Mwai Yeboah - Wedding Planner, Love from Mwai