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Wedding at Four Seasons & Lobkowicz Palace, Prague

The city of Prague, with its stunning architecture and historic charm, as seen from the river.
A wedding suite featuring pink and white flowers, perfect for elegant wedding invitations.
Pair of elegant wedding bands, one with a solitaire diamond, representing unity and devotion.
Elegant bridal gown displayed on a window.
Wedding-ready bride at Four Seasons Hotel in Prague.
Beautiful wedding bouquet on window ledge.
Elegant Rolls Royce with white stripe outside Four Seasons hotel in Prague.
A cityscape of Prague seen through a car window, showcasing the urban beauty and charm in a single frame.
ouple in Rolls Royce, Prague wedding photography session.
A bride and groom stepping out of a vintage car, a Rolls Royce, on a historic street in Prague.
Bride and groom posing in front of Charles Bridge, Prague.
Newlyweds strolling down a path hand in hand.
Rolls Royce interior seen from inside the car in Prague.
A luxurious bride sitting in a Rolls Royce, ready to embark on her special day in Prague.
Bride and groom standing next to a Rolls Royce in historic streets of Novy Svet during their Prague wedding.
A bride and groom posing in the cobblestone streets of Prague, capturing the essence of their special day.
Prague  wedding photographer capturing bride and groom in Prague's charming streets.
Bride and groom smiling, standing close together in Prague, capturing a beautiful moment of their wedding day.
A beautiful bride in a lace wedding dress holding a bouquet, captured in Prague's enchanting atmosphere.
A bride holding her wedding bouquet with a ring, featuring a beautiful blue stone.
Newlyweds in a vintage Rolls Royce on a historic street in Prague.
Newlyweds sharing a kiss in Prague.
Romantic moment between newly married couple in Prague.
Wedding group photo at rooftop of Four Seasons hotel with Prague castle backdrop.
Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic, showcasing the iconic landmark of the city.
A smiling bride in a white dress and a groom in a black suit stand together.
Bride sitting on blue couch with bird-themed wallpaper in Lobkowicz Palace, Prague.
A painting of a man as god, accompanied by a woman as godness. Located at Lobkowicz Palace in Prague.
Wedding ceremony in Lobkowicz Palace, Prague: Elegant room with white chairs and a grand piano.
Elegant floral arrangements for a wedding ceremony.
A woman gracefully playing a piano in a well-lit room, showcasing her musical talent and passion.
Elegant wedding ceremony in Lobkowicz Palace.
Luxurious wedding ceremony in Lobkowicz Palace.
Wedding ceremony in the Lobkowicz palace, Prague: A grand celebration of love and union in a majestic setting.
Newlyweds exiting wedding ceremony at Lobkowicz Palace in Prague.
Wedding party in Prague: A joyful celebration of love in the heart of Prague, with the bride surrounded by friends.
A wedding party in Prague, a group of people in formal attire posing for a photo.
Prague city tour in Mala Strana, Czech Republic - a captivating glimpse of the historic district.
An artistic portrayal of a man on the historic wall of Lobkowicz palace in Prague.
Elegant dining room with chandelier and gold tablecloths at wedding reception table in Lobkowicz Palace, Prague.
Luxurious wedding reception in historic Lobkowicz Palace, Prague.
A bride and groom share a romantic kiss in front of a wedding orchestra at their reception in Lobkowicz palace, Prague.
A group of men in suits playing saxophones, creating a harmonious melody with their instruments.
Romantic wedding dance in the opulent Lobkowicz Palace, Prague.
A bride joyfully dance with their guests at their wedding in Lobkowicz Palace, Prague.
Black and white photo of Mala strana - Prague view from castle at night.
Wedding cake made of cheese, beautifully decorated with intricate designs and garnished with fresh herbs.
Bride and groom cutting wedding cake at castle in Prague.
Wedding dance party at Lobkowicz Palace, Prague: Guests dancing joyfully in a grand ballroom.
Romantic wedding dance in Lobkowicz Palace, Prague - couple dancing gracefully in a stunning, historic ballroom.

Planner: Exclusive Weddings in Prague | Florist: Inspirito

Featured on: Style Me Pretty

Sweeping views of Prague and a punchy color palette make this destination wedding an absolute must-see. The day was beautifully planned by Exclusive Weddings In Prague, and floral design by Inspirito brings the couple's love story to life. Get lost in all the lovely images shot by Stepan Vrzala Photography inside the full gallery.

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