Yuki & Patrick

Wedding at a Private Residence, Hong Kong

A serene pool surrounded by tall palm trees and vibrant flowers.
A Chinese symbol graces a wall, enhancing the opulent ambiance of a wedding in Hong Kong.
Two women in traditional Chinese dresses stand in front of a red and white floral arrangement. Bride getting ready.
Lavish floral arrangement with elegant table setting and sparkling chandeliers.
A luxurious artistic lamp with a unique design, adding elegance and style to any space.
A bride getting ready, as a man applies makeup to her face, enhancing her beauty for the special day.
A groom and his entourage, dressed in formal attire, pose next to a Rolls Royce car.
A groom in a suit stands before a door adorned with red flowers, as he enters the bride's residence.
A bride and groom in traditional Chinese attire raise their hands during a Chinese wedding ceremony.
Mother in a red dress presents a tea to Bride during a tea ceremony on their wedding day.
A bride and groom sitting on chairs in front of a red wall during a tea ceremony.
A bride and groom, holding an umbrella, walk down the aisle during their ceremony exit in Hong Kong.
Ceremony exit in a Rolls Royce in Hong Kong.
A breathtaking ocean view from a hillside in Hong Kong.
Private wedding residence in Hong Kong: A luxurious venue with stunning views, perfect for intimate weddings.
A Rolls Royce parked in front of a white building, exuding elegance and luxury.
A bride and groom stepping out of a Rolls Royce on their wedding day in Hong Kong, she in a red dress and he in a suit.
A vibrant chandelier illuminating a luxurious lobby, adding a touch of elegance with its colorful glow.
A couple in traditional attire pouring tea for their elders as a sign of respect and gratitude.
A bride in a traditional Chinese dress, adorned with gold jewelry, showcasing the beauty of cultural heritage.
Majestic ocean panorama observed from a hillside in Hong Kong.
Wedding ceremony arch adorned with abundant pink flowers.
A beautiful wedding ceremony with vibrant flowers and palm trees creating a tropical ambiance.
A wedding ceremony with flowers and a table, featuring a signing ceremony.
Bride and groom standing together, surrounded by a beautiful abundance of colorful flowers in Hong Kong.
Newlyweds share a romantic kiss amidst a backdrop of abundant floral arrangements.
A fountain surrounded by pink and white flowers, creating a serene and colorful scene.
A bride stands elegantly amidst a lavish display of flowers in Hong Kong.
A bride and groom gracefully descend the stairs, surrounded by an abundance of floral arrangements.
Professional wedding photographer capturing beautiful moment in Hong Kong, with newlyweds surrounded by lavish flowers.
A professional wedding photographer in Hong Kong captures a beautiful bride and groom portrait.
Two wedding rings resting on a delicate white orchid flower, symbolizing love and commitment.
A bride admiring her wedding dress, filled with anticipation and joy for her special day.
A beautifully adorned wedding arch with delicate pink flowers, creating a romantic ambiance for the wedding ceremony.
A wedding ceremony arch adorned with lovely pink flowers, adding a touch of elegance and romance to the setting.
A beautiful bride walking down the aisle towards the ceremony.
A beautiful wedding ceremony amidst blooming flowers, as the couple exchanges heartfelt vows.
A romantic and luxury Hong Kong wedding ceremony with the couple sharing a tender kiss.
A group of people at a wedding, posing together and smiling.
A bride gracefully holds her white wedding bouquet, radiating elegance and purity.
Scenic ocean vista captured from a hillside in Hong Kong.
Newlyweds on opulent wedding in Hong Kong: walking together surrounded by luxurious decorations.
A newlywed couple sharing a tender kiss, expressing their love and joy on their special day .
A happy newlywed couple enjoying quite and romantic moment together, surrounded by beautiful flowers.
A newly married couple, the bride and groom, stand together, posing for a portrait to capture their special moment.
White piano in a room filled with abundant floral arrangements.
Private luxury residence interior in Hong Kong.
A bride proceed down the aisle, the bride adorned with a flowing veil.
Wedding guests smiling and clapping as the bride and groom cutting cake.
Newlyweds happily slicing their wedding cake amidst a stunning floral arch.
A wedding group smiling for a photo to capture the joyous occasion.
Entrance to a wedding reception: a beautifully decorated doorway adorned with flowers and elegant drapes.
Elegantly decorated wedding reception table in pink and white, featuring lavish floral arrangements.
Luxurious wedding reception adorned with abundant pink flowers and elegant fountain.
Elegant wedding reception menu showcased on a white plate featuring delicate pink and gold accents.
Smiling newlyweds enjoying their wedding reception, filled with laughter and happiness.
Guests raising their glasses in celebration and toasting the newlyweds with joyous cheers.
Wedding reception table with wine and champagne bottles and elegant decorations.
Wedding reception: A bride and groom standing together, smiling. The groom is giving a speech.
A joyful moment captured as the bride and groom raise their glasses in celebration.
Wedding reception dessert: a beautifully decorated cake with multiple tiers, adorned with flowers .
Bride and groom dancing with professional Brazilian dancers at their wedding celebration.
Brazilian dancer gracefully performing a traditional dance, showcasing vibrant costumes and rhythmic movements.

Planning: The Wedding Company Hong Kong | Floral & Event Production: Simply Grand Production  | Wedding Dress: Nicole + Felicia