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Chateau Mcely, a picturesque mansion with a sprawling lawn and beautiful trees.
Wedding shoes and heart shaped wreath at Chateau Mcely.
Elegant wedding gown displayed in Chateau Mcely window.
Chateau Mcely overlooking a tranquil lake with beautiful gardens in the foreground.
Wedding rings on a white background with a beautiful backdrop of Chateau Mcely.
A bride getting ready in Chateau Mcely, having her makeup done by another woman.
Bride preparing for her wedding in Chateau Mcely.
Groom eagerly awaits bride's arrival at Chateau Mcely for their wedding ceremony.
A bride gracefully walks towards her wedding ceremony at Chateau Mcely, radiating elegance and joy.
A wedding ceremony taking place in front of the grand Chateau Mcely, a picturesque and elegant venue.
A wedding ceremony on a grassy lawn with purple carpet at Chateau Mcely.
Wedding ceremony celebration at Chateau Mcely: A beautiful couple exchanging congratulations in a picturesque setting.
Newlyweds with a caged bird at a wedding ceremony in Chateau Mcely.
A fence in the foreground, offering a picturesque view from Chateau Mcely.
A newlywed couple joyfully planting a tree in the yard during their wedding celebration at Chateau Mcely.
Two women in a park, holding wine glasses, celebrating at a wedding in Chateau Mcely.
A wedding party walking down a hill at a wedding celebration in Chateau Mcely.
A bee on a purple flower in Chateau Mcely's garden.
Wedding group photo in Chateau Mcely: A joyful gathering of friends and family celebrating love in a picturesque setting
Chateau Mcely, a charming structure featuring a clock tower and a beautiful sky with baloons.
Two horses pulling a carriage in Chateau Mcely.
A newlywed couple standing in front of the beautiful Chateau Mcely.
A bride and groom share a romantic kiss in the park at Chateau Mcely, capturing the joy of their newlywed status.
Romantic moment captured at Chateau Mcely with newlyweds.
Newlyweds posing outside the picturesque Chateau Mcely.
Romantic moment captured at Chateau Mcely with newlyweds.
Newly married couple at the stunning Chateau Mcely.
A bride in a white dress and lace jacket holding a bouquet at Chateau Mcely.
Newlyweds enjoying the picturesque Chateau Mcely scenery.
A scenic view of a farm and trees, captured from a hill at Chateau Mcely. Nature's beauty on display.
Newly married couple posing outside the stunning Chateau Mcely.
Two women playing croquet on a lawn at Wedding games in Chateau Mcely.
Wedding guests enjoying a game of croquet on the Chateau Mcely lawn.
A beautifully set table with white cloths at a wedding reception in Chateau Mcely.
Table with flowers and vases at a wedding reception in Chateau Mcely.
Wedding reception table adorned with flowers and vases at Chateau Mcely.
Wedding couple enjoying reception at Chateau Mcely.
Happy guests at Chateau Mcely wedding celebration.
A person holding two plates with food on them at a wedding reception in Chateau Mcely.
Newlyweds celebrating at Chateau Mcely reception.
Chateau Mcely: A picturesque castle surrounded by lush greenery and a serene lake.
Two women sitting on lounge chairs in the grass at a wedding in Chateau Mcely.
Wedding couple enjoying food at reception at Chateau Mcely.
A white plate with a delicious assortment of meat and vegetables, served as wedding reception food in Chateau Mcely.
Happy couple at Chateau Mcely wedding celebration.Beautifully decorated wedding reception at Chateau Mcely with exquisit
Happy bride tosses bouquet at Chateau Mcely.
Woman catching bouquet at Chateau Mcely wedding.
A bride and groom on the balcony of Chateau Mcely, a picturesque scene of love and celebration.
Guests outside Chateau Mcely, enjoying a celebration with friends.
Celebration at Chateau Mcely with guests enjoying the moment.
A historic building with a clock tower under a clear sky - Chateau Mcely
An expansive field showcasing a massive purple balloon in flight, with the backdrop of fireworks at Chateau Mcely.
Bride and groom joyfully celebrate their wedding at Chateau Mcely.

Venue: Chateau Mcely | Floral Design: La Florista | Make-up And Hair: Mili Dvořáková | Bride's Gown: Pronovias Featured on Style Me Pretty

European weddings have a certain allure that captures my attention immediately, and this romantic wedding in the Czech countryside doesn't disappoint. Stepan Vrzala photographed the beautiful "I do's" and all of the stunning views surrounding Chateau Mcely, and Mont Videography didn't miss a beat. I'm left in awe, happily getting lost in these pretty pics for the rest of today.

ELIZABETH GREENE - Style me pretty